Top Makeup Trends For Spring 2017

With spring behind us, and summer at its max, it’s nice to sit back relax and take a look at the makeup looks that were popular in the last few months! To give you an overview we have prepared a list of the makeup trends from spring 2017 below.

Courtesy-Articles Web

1. Heavy handed blush

This ‘blush bomb’ was definitely a nod towards the 80’s makeup trends! The makeup industry said goodbye to subtly this spring, opting for a bold sweep of rosy blush across the cheek bones.

2. Bold lips

The colour of the lipstick didn’t really matter, it just needed to pop. Bright red, a gorgeous plum purple, fuchsia and orange were just a few of the colours that made an appearance in the spring.

3. Get your shine on!

Ok so, makeup artists definitely went with the whole ‘let your skin glow naturally’ thing this spring. Quite a few of them opted to give their lucky clients a very good pre cleanse, highlighting the natural hues in the skin with some strategically applied highlighter. Others focused on the highlighter. Both looked equally good, the one in play probably depended on the occasion!

4. Forget the lips, focus on the eyes!

One of the most important rules in the makeup industry is lips or eyes, never both. If you make one pop, you make the other subtly shine. This rule was taken very seriously this spring with a few makeup artists going all out on the eyes. Purple, blue, yellow, orange and forest green were just a few of the eye shadows featured in the mineral makeup reviews for spring 2017!

Overall, it’s clear that the makeup trends were focused on the bright and bold this spring. That doesn’t come as a surprise, the months are a celebration of colour!