Quartz Kitchen Worktops – Are They Worth Buying?

As an alternative to Granite then yes Quartz Worktops are worth buying … reasons below:

  • Composition: – A mixture of Quartz and Resin creating an extremely hard wearing surface, more than capable of withstanding the majority of the impacts brought on by daily use
  • Durability: – Most crystal glass are nonporous and stain resistant – so no surface sealing or maintenance is required.

Quartz Kitchen Worktops - Are They Worth Buying?

  • Color: – Far wider array of colors available than natural stone, especially if you're searching for Light Grays or vibrant Red's / Blue's / Greens
  • Look: – Colors and patterns are men made, and for that reason, the sample color/pattern you decide on is the true color/pattern you get (that can't be guaranteed using a natural stone product)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance: – Nonporous & scratch resistant, quartz worktops are very sterile (some have antibacterial properties). Cleaning is best accomplished using a damp cloth and a small quantity of nonbleach household cleaner
  • Price: – Not cheap, but at roughly 75 percent of the cost of Granite, quite affordable
  • Major Brands: – Silestone, Zodiac, Caesar stone, Q-Stone are available from a large number of stockiest across the country

Quartz Worktops isn't a DIY job – they are generally sold by expert solid surface fabricators that won’t manufacture until they have "template" your kitchen (same procedure as purchasing Granite)

This may cause more disruption to the setup as there is the inevitable delay between templating, manufacture, and fit (depending upon provider anything from 5 to 20 times)