Doba vs Oberlo – Which is the Best?

Both Doba and Oberlo are drop shipping services, one long established (Doba has been around for about ten years and there are many Doba reviews online) and the other a relative but very popular newcomer to the market, Oberlo.

Both of these services are designed to make it as easy as possible to set up an online store, and fulfil orders using a wide range of drop shippers, with the most minimal amount of effort.

But do they succeed?  How much do they cost – and are they worth the money?

Well – in answer to the first question, both Doba and Oberlo do indeed work.  They are legitimate products and do what their developers claim.  With both Oberlo and Doba it is very easy to set up a shop with thousands of products, and most of the fulfilment part of the work can be automated.

But they are expensive – Doba costs nearly $60 a month, every month that you are a member, and Oberlo ranges from $30/m for the very basic package to over $80/m for a larger online store.

The only problem is that drop shipping is not always the most competitive arrangement for resellers.  Buying individually, instead of in bulk, is more expensive per item, and that can make it harder to sell goods on your online store profitably. That really is the only downside to both Doba and Oberlo – but it's a potentially large downside.