Tips For Working With Elevated Work Platforms

Courtesy- Star Platforms

The trend of using elevated platforms for various tasks has increased significantly. Given below are some tips to use these platforms while maintaining a safe environment at work.

  1. Use Rails with the platform

This is one of the basic ways to help ensure safety while using elevated work platforms in Australia. Get custom rails made according to the size of the platform in order to prevent the workers from getting into an accident on the construction site.

  1. Test the machine before each shift

It is important to frequently test the machinery in order to prevent accidents. Before each shift of the work at hand, function tests on the machine should be carried out. If any part of the test shows negative results the machinery must be removed from the site immediately. This helps to ensure that the workers are using appropriately running machinery.

  1. Assess the site area before bringing in machinery. It is essential to carry out a detailed risk assessment at the workplace and identify slippery, steep and unstable surfaces at the site. This helps to identify the hazards at the site before the work is started.
  2. Ensure that the floor of the platform remains clean throughout the duration of the work. The floor should be clear of debris and other materials to avoid workers from tripping and getting injured.

Accidents at construction sites can prove to be fatal. It is essential to ensure the right safety protocol is followed when using heavy machinery. Thus, these tips serve as a guide to help you use elevated platforms in safe way.