Top Desserts To Eat In Thailand

Thailand is known for its unique cuisine, and even more so, for the inspiration it has been for chefs around the world. And while this unique element is present in the savory dishes of Thai cuisine, the desserts are just as unusual and delicious. Here are some of the best desserts that are a must try in Thailand.


  • Mango and sticky rice

This traditional Thai dessert is something you will find very common all over Thailand. It is a perfect combination of hot and cold, with hot, steamy sticky rice serving as a base for chilled mango slices, with coconut milk poured over it to bring the flavors together.

  • Sweet Thai Crepes

While crepes are consumed all over the world, sweet Thai crepes truly distinguish themselves in flavor. You can locate a nearby seller with any Thai free app. These are filled with meringue and topped with foy thong, which is shredded cooked egg yolk. Although this sounds unusual, this combination is actually delicious.

  • Thai Jello

This is different from any jello you may find in any other corner of the world. Cut up in cubes, this jello has a milky but green colour, and a thicker texture, made out of coconut milk, flour and sugar, and served with various toppings such as shredded coconut.

  • Custard filled bread

For all bread lovers, and particularly if you are a fan of PBJ sandwiches, these are hot dog buns filled with many colourful and sweet fillings. Some of these flavors include green tea, lemon and chocolate syrup.

We hope you give yourself a true cultural experience by trying some of these sweet treats Thailand has to offer.