Unique Ways To Use Lanyards


Lanyards are straps that are worn around the neck or the wrist, which may contain your name or ID. They can be used in organizations or schools, typically at events or where your identity is specifically required.

However, there are otherunique ways to use old or new lanyards as well. These include:

1. Key holders:

One tends to lose keys all the time. If you have an old or unwanted lanyard lying around at home, you can always fashion it in some way to make it a car key or a house key holder and wear it on your neck so you know where your keys are. You can always attach some LEDs to it so you can even find it in the dark.

2. Bracelet or a necklace:

A crafty person would always look for ways to make use of recyclable materials and fashion them into something they can wear. Cheap lanyards can also be used to make bracelets or necklaces; you can always paint it or use embroidery to embellish it.

3. Pen-holder:

A lanyard can also be used as a pen-holder, especially for those who lose their stationery all the time. You can attach the pen with the clip on your lanyard and be safe to use the pen without taking the lanyard off.


Another unique way to use lanyards is to customize them according to your taste and put it inside a book to create your own bookmark. It can be used as a great paper separator.

Lanyards are great to let your creativity flow and do your own DIY projects at home.