Should You Join Worldwide Brands or Salehoo?

Both are great wholesaler directories and both have a lot of fans, but should you join Salehoo or Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands: The First Directory

Worldwide Brands was founded by Chris Malta, an eBay power seller as far back as the 90s, in 1999 to help eBay sellers and small online businesses find reliable wholesalers and drop shippers.

It's been doing that ever since – now with more than 8,000 certified suppliers and over 16 million products at wholesale prices to choose from, Worldwide brands is the largest of all the directories by far.

For the $299 membership fee you get access to everything – the directory, forums, training, online support and market research tools.

What About Salehoo?

Salehoo is a relative newcomer to the 'wholesale directory' market, and was founded in 2005 in New Zealand.  It has a lower initial membership fee than Worldwide Brands at $67 per year, however, this is an annual fee and quickly adds up compared to the one off membership fee for Worldwide Brands.

Salehoo is smaller than Worldwide Brands – it lists about the same number of suppliers, but only 1.5 million products compared to 16 million from Worldwide Brands.

Which Should You Join?

It depends on the budget that you have available – Worldwide Brands is more expensive at first – but if you do have the money then I would recommend joining Worldwide Brands as it offers a lot more products and value for money.