Drafting Wills And Trusts Agreements

You better go to someone who does these things properly. To create a will is no simple or light manner. You are basically going to entrust a huge part of your belongings to the people you love and especially those that you think are worthy. Doing this is gonna take a lot of thinking, especially if you do not know which family member to trust everything you own too. Be careful about Wills Trust Drafting Solano.

There was once a story, a fanfiction really, that pertained to this sort of situation. This was about a grandmother who owned a really big mansion and other sorts of riches that died because of old age. And instead of entrusting her everything to one of her children that have been kissing her ass for years, she gave it to her barely legal granddaughter.

Why? Well, because the girl was a daughter of her favorite son. A son who, unlike her other children, was actually a sweet and selfless man who never cared for riches and just loved his family. Unfortunately, he and his wife died, leaving the daughter all to herself. The grandmother took her in and it really was no surprise that her will said to give it all to the kid.

Of course, the aunts and uncles of this girl did not take it kindly. Some even plotted to manipulate her into giving them the will. What they did not know is that she is not as dumb as they thought she was. They underestimated her just because she is the daughter of their least favorite sibling and were unpleasantly surprised to find that she was not stupid nor a pushover.

Now, here comes the reason why it was actually a fanfiction. Her granny actually owned a cat. And not just any cat, but a hybrid, who was part human and part cat. Naturally, it had to be a twenty five year old good looking dude, because it was fanfiction. What really tickled the fancy of the readers was that it was Min Yoongi, who was Suga from BTS.

We can get into the discussion of how this hybrid cat was attractive yet grumpy and hated everything including the girl, or we could go on into detail about how much it actually focused more on the legal side of things. For one thing, the writer included the laws about ownership on hybrids, which made sense since Yoongi was one.

See, in this world, hybrids are treated kind of pets or babies, even though they can clearly think for themselves. And they can even work better than us humans since they are genetically smarter and stronger. But in the end, they got treated like pets and trophies, not to mention sex slaves because they were created to be beautiful.

And you can probably guess, the old woman who adopted him was just a kind lady who wanted to help him. Long story short, he got attached and left his old owners to go live with her. That is until she died. And he suddenly was in the custody of a girl seven years younger than he is.

It did not help that the greedy aunts and uncles wanted him too since he was a priced hybrid. And if they got him, they got everything else. Luckily, it had a happy ending and he got to stay with his new owner slash lover. Pretty weird considering the huge age gap but hey, that is fanfiction.